Welcome to my world!

5 Mar

Dear Friends

Life at St Cliff’s is destined never to be the same now that my good lady wife has introduced me to the heady delights of ‘blogging’.

I am told that this modern form of computerised communication will facilitate a whole new world of interaction via the world wide web (which is what I gather it is called in the popular parlance).

This old dog (and his dog collar – a little bit of humour I am reliably informed will endear me to readers of my missives) has, albeit somewhat reluctantly, removed himself from the cosy warmth of the metaphorical hearth of tradition and entered into this daunting world of instant dialogue.

Rest assured dear reader of the ‘blogosphere’, I am not completely green in these matters and have been swotting up on the ‘with it’ vocabulary of the airwaves.

So, until my next communication, or should I say, ‘blog’…OVER AND OUT!

Onward and upward


Post scriptum. It has long been my experience, when preaching to the comatose faithful at St Cliff’s (as the bishop has an unfortunate habit of calling my flock), to feel as if one is broadcasting to thin air. To avoid history being repeated and yours truly ‘blogging’ to an audience of one man and his proverbial dog could I prevail on you kind souls of the ‘blogosphere’ to enlighten fellow ‘bloggers’ of this humble missive and to perhaps even encourage them to subscribe to my computerised output (it is free to one and all I am glad to announce) by selecting the helpful icon to the right of this text. Bless you

You can also find me at my wondrous web site derekthecleric.com


One Response to “Welcome to my world!”

  1. Chris October 15, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    I’m here and reading your blogs!

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