Want to use Derek the Cleric in a publication?

Because of the increasing popularity of Derek the Cleric I have decided to make available the material for public re-use.

If you would like to use a Derek the Cleric cartoon, one of his blogs or any other blog feature then here’s the deal.

For a publication that is issued free such as a church magazine I will charge you £10 + VAT ($15 USA) per each item up to a maximum usage of 12 different items per year. (If you wish to then use the item in another publication a further re-use fee will be payable).

If you represent a commercial publication please contact me to discuss a re-use fee.

Once you have chosen which Derek the Cleric features you wish to re-use simply drop me an email at andyrobb.dreamon@virgin.net to let me know which they are and I will reply with details of how you can pay by cheque.

Once I have received payment and you have received a confirmation email from me all you have to do is print off or copy the paid-for features and they are yours to use. How easy is that!

The only other small requirement is that you include the following text when reproducing a feature:

Derek the Cleric © Andy Robb. Visit Derek the Cleric’s blog at https://derekthecleric.wordpress.com

Thank you for your co-operation in not using Derek the Cleric material without permission.

Andy Robb


Please note: Copyright and ownership of all features re-used is retained by myself.


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